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Have you ever felt out of place? For some reason or another, you just didn’t feel like you fit in with the crowd?


Last month I attended the North Carolina Christian Writer’s Conference. Did I have a great time meeting new friends and re-connecting with others? Yep, I sure did, but one thing was out of place– my shoes. I’d look at some of the other gals and think to myself, Oh her shoes are so cute, and to another, I’d think, hers matches her outfit so perfectly. Then I’d look down at mine and say, Uhg!



I know it wouldn’t be a big deal for some of you, but for me, it was. The week before the conference, I broke my little toe while we were moving. The only thing I could wear was my flip-flops. Since it was September, summer shoes had vanished and the latest winter styles were in full array.


So what’s a girl to do? Just go with the flow and let it be. But, you know what? That’s when and where God has the opportunity to show up.


At the conference, we were blessed to have the well-known inspirational and motivational speaker, Jane Jenkins Herlong as our keynote. What a treat! She kept us laughing and crying as she shared funny stories and snippets from her life. On Friday afternoon she gave away a copy of her latest book Rhine Stones on my Flip-Flops


Choosing Extravagant Joy in the Midst of Everyday Mess-Ups


What are the chances? Flip-flops on the cover! Well, guess what? After she collected all of our tickets, she reached in, picked one out and called out the winner–and … she picked me!


Sometimes God has such a sense of humor. I felt like He was saying, “Del, it’s okay you’ve got flip-flops on …  I’m dazzling them by presenting you with this special gem!”


He is so good. Are you feeling down? Do you feel for whatever reason that you just don’t fit in? Fear not. God is always looking out for you. He’s always got you on His radar and knows exactly what’s up.


“The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:8


My friend. Be assured today that God is over your coming and going. Even if you feel like things are not going exactly the way you planned, or just how you anticipated they should go, nothing has caught God by surprise. He is there. He is watching over and He is watching out for you.


And, when you least expect it, He will show up and, because I can testify, He will not only show up but sometimes He’ll even dazzle you in ways you never even thought possible.


If you’d like to share, please do– share what God has done for you. It is so encouraging when we share with others because we never know what someone else is going through today! Why not be a blessing and share?

Keep in touch and see you soon!



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