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Does prayer really work?

Yesterday, I was excited to have my granddaughters, Nina and Izabela, come and camp out with Grandma for the week. As we got into my car to head for home, I was compelled to intentionally stop even before putting the key in and say,”Let’s not forget to pray for angels around our car.” Continue reading

Welcome my friend to another Five Minute Friday! As I follow along with many others in the prompt word for the week,IF …  these words flow through my head ~ So here goes, a little bit different from other weeks, but it’s a poem for you from the Father~

If you’re constantly wondering

what if? What if you know. Continue reading

When women hear the word mammogram, one word comes to mind — Ouch!

For you men out there, we know that you really can’t understand since you’ve never been taken behind the curtain, but take our word for it — it is a killer! Continue reading

Here we are again. How is it that the prompt word is so apropos every week? I guess I’ll never know but it is in faith that I write on. Yes, another Five-Minute Friday, and sorry this week it’s Saturday but I hate to miss another opportunity to share with to you.

As you read on, you’ll see why. So, set the timer and go! Continue reading

It’s Friday and let me welcome you to another Five Minute Friday where we write for Five Minutes on a one-word prompt. Although I do enjoy this exercise each week as a way of sharing my blog with you, I am amazed how the word of the week seems to align itself with the events of my day.


You are the one that’s in for the treat because that allows my blog to be freshly created just like a deliciously baked loaf of bread piping hot right from the oven. So, let’s set the timer and write on! Continue reading

Hello and welcome to another Five Minute Friday where we write on a one word prompt for FIVE minutes. Today our word is RETURN


It was set. Tuesday seemed to be the perfect day for my husband and I to RETURN to Michigan where we reside during the summer months.

Until — Sunday’s Newsflash!  — Subtropical storm Alberto threatens the south-mid east! Continue reading

“To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven” Ecc: 3:1


Today while I was driving, I heard the Lord whisper that scripture into my spirit.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Lord, I know. There is a season for everything.

Later on, I realized what it was all about.

He knew what I’d be facing as the day went on.

Something new. A season of grief.



Although grief is a part of life, it can suck the very life out of us when it catches us off guard. It can be the loss of a loved one, (indeed the most difficult to face,) the loss of a job, a position, a dear friend, and on and on we can go. We can lose people, places and things that pull on our heartstrings and whirl us into a season of grief.

Today, we lost our beloved.



Our little, Kitty, of sixteen years. Oh, to let her go and release her today, has left an ache in my heart and an emptiness in my spirit. Even-though I did have a dream a few nights ago where I dreamt that we were packing the car for our yearly trip to Michigan and we couldn’t find her to put in the car. I commented how much extra room we had without her crate … it didn’t make it easier to accept, but I did have to wonder was the Lord trying to prepare me as He did with that scripture?

Jesus tells us that He goes to prepare a place for us.


“Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.  And where I go you know, and the way you know.” John 14:1


What a comfort we have in Jesus. He tells us up front. He lets us know that He has already gone to prepare a place for us. Because none of us know the day nor the hour when we will be called home, or. when one of our closest loved ones will be. But,we can be assured of the promise He has given us.  He’s gone ahead of us, and He will be there to receive us.


I ask myself, was He there to receive Kitty? I don’t know, and you might be saying she was only a cat. Yes, that is true, but for any animal lovers out there, you know the pain. You understand the emptiness to walk by their room. To look at their bowl, or just the longing to hear one more me-owwww….



What are you facing today? Is your heart troubled? Are you walking through a time that’s pulling you down and stealing your joy? If so, listen to the words of Jesus again. “Let NOT your heart be troubled.” Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and He has left us with a promise for a lifetime and one that will last all the way into eternity.


So, as we say goodbye to Kitty today, I ask you to keep my husband and I in prayer and let me know what you’re facing. I would be honored to likewise, pray for you.


Thanks so much,





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Hello and welcome to another Five Minute Friday. Each week we are given one word as our prompt, and we write for Five Minutes on that word. Our word this week is INCLUDE.


How well I can recall the words to one of my dad’s favorite songs. “Oh, when the saints go marching in … I want to be in that number, Oh when the saints go marching in.”

As a child, I always thought it would be automatic. If I just sang the song and I said the words, that I’d be INCLUDED.





But then as an adult, I found out there was something I had to do. To be one of the saints of the Lord, I had to go a step further. I had to personally ask Him to come in and take residence within me.


And, even before He came in, I had to make room for Him to reside. I had to clean up the muck and the guck that was caused by my own sin so there was room for Him to reside.


First, I confessed I was a sinner and that I needed a Savior to save me. Once I made a sincere confession, I repented of my sins and all the ways I chose to go my own way.





Then, I had to ask Him in. To ask Jesus, to become My Lord and My Savior. I asked Him to lead and to guide me in all truth. My heartfelt prayer was for Him to personally guide me so that I would follow His ways and not my own.


What about you? Will you be INCLUDED in that number? Are you unaware as I once was that you need a savior? If so, why not take the time to reach out today? Let Jesus know that you need Him, and then you too can be assured once and for all that when the saints do come marching in, you also will be INCLUDED in that number! …  STOP

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When The Saints Go Marching In

Time for another Five Minute Friday. The prompt word for today is ADAPT.

Many times we hear the phrase, “Just adapt to the situation! Before you know it, it’ll seem like home.”

“Really?” Is what you’re thinking, right?

A few weeks ago, our board of elders made the decision to speak to our lead Pastor.  For whatever the reason, unbeknownst to us, the outcome was, he resigned.

Ouch! Heart- wrenchin grief has taken our congregation by surprise and to a whole new place.

ADAPT, you say? Easier said than done.

The scripture that’s comes to mind over and over, is 2 Corinthians 12:9, But he said to me ,” My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

A few years ago, before I had a full revelation of His grace, I only quoted the scripture.  But when I faced a time of helplessness, I discovered what it was for His grace to carry me where I was too weak to go.

He allowed me to ADAPT to circumstances beyond my own control.

So here I stand again with my Church body. Ready to face unforeseen circumstances knowing that only with the supernatural grace of God, can my husband and I carry on.

In such a sticky situation, being glued to the Lord is the only way to go!

What about you? Have you been asked to ADAPT to something or somewhere that is not on your radar? Well, even though I know it’ a difficult place to be, don’t try to handle it alone. It’ll only bring added stress. Stop right here, and remember to ask God in.

Welcome His Holy Spirit minute by minute and day by day to take you just where He desires you to be! Stop…




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