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Hello and welcome to another Five Minute Friday. Each week we are given one word as our prompt, and we write for Five Minutes on that word. Our word this week is INCLUDE.


How well I can recall the words to one of my dad’s favorite songs. “Oh, when the saints go marching in … I want to be in that number, Oh when the saints go marching in.”

As a child, I always thought it would be automatic. If I just sang the song and I said the words, that I’d be INCLUDED.





But then as an adult, I found out there was something I had to do. To be one of the saints of the Lord, I had to go a step further. I had to personally ask Him to come in and take residence within me.


And, even before He came in, I had to make room for Him to reside. I had to clean up the muck and the guck that was caused by my own sin so there was room for Him to reside.


First, I confessed I was a sinner and that I needed a Savior to save me. Once I made a sincere confession, I repented of my sins and all the ways I chose to go my own way.





Then, I had to ask Him in. To ask Jesus, to become My Lord and My Savior. I asked Him to lead and to guide me in all truth. My heartfelt prayer was for Him to personally guide me so that I would follow His ways and not my own.


What about you? Will you be INCLUDED in that number? Are you unaware as I once was that you need a savior? If so, why not take the time to reach out today? Let Jesus know that you need Him, and then you too can be assured once and for all that when the saints do come marching in, you also will be INCLUDED in that number! …  STOP

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When The Saints Go Marching In

Time for another Five Minute Friday. The prompt word for today is ADAPT.

Many times we hear the phrase, “Just adapt to the situation! Before you know it, it’ll seem like home.”

“Really?” Is what you’re thinking, right?

A few weeks ago, our board of elders made the decision to speak to our lead Pastor.  For whatever the reason, unbeknownst to us, the outcome was, he resigned.

Ouch! Heart- wrenchin grief has taken our congregation by surprise and to a whole new place.

ADAPT, you say? Easier said than done.

The scripture that’s comes to mind over and over, is 2 Corinthians 12:9, But he said to me ,” My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

A few years ago, before I had a full revelation of His grace, I only quoted the scripture.  But when I faced a time of helplessness, I discovered what it was for His grace to carry me where I was too weak to go.

He allowed me to ADAPT to circumstances beyond my own control.

So here I stand again with my Church body. Ready to face unforeseen circumstances knowing that only with the supernatural grace of God, can my husband and I carry on.

In such a sticky situation, being glued to the Lord is the only way to go!

What about you? Have you been asked to ADAPT to something or somewhere that is not on your radar? Well, even though I know it’ a difficult place to be, don’t try to handle it alone. It’ll only bring added stress. Stop right here, and remember to ask God in.

Welcome His Holy Spirit minute by minute and day by day to take you just where He desires you to be! Stop…




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Welcome! It’s time for another Five Minute Friday… Today’s prompt word is STUCK! ~ ENJOY!


Can you remember your first experience behind the wheel of a car? The fear, the panic if you turned the wrong way or stopped too soon, or even zoomed  too fast? For most of us, I’m sure we could tell stories that would make us laugh until we cried.

Buckle up as I share my first crazy adventure with you. It snowed the day before, and this was way back when we didn’t have snow plows that cleared the side streets. My mom was brave enough to take me out after my first drivers training class.

“Del,” she said, “I’ll start out driving, then when we get off the main street, I’ll stop and move over and let you get in the driver’s seat.”

Sounded like a plan — I was ready. A bit scared but ready. Everything was going great until I got STUCK in the snow. “Oh NO! What do I do?”




I did the only thing any first-time driver would to — hop in the back seat and let mom get us out.

But till today I remember what she did. She rocked! Yes, she rocked back and forth. From drive to reverse and back to drive then back to reverse.

Do you feel like you’re stuck today? Maybe not in a rut of day-old crunchy snow beneath your tires, but STUCK in something called life?

Maybe finances. Maybe health. Maybe problems with family or kids that just seems to keep going round and round and round.

Hope is on the way. First of all, don’t try to jump in the back seat like me and run away. That will never get you anywhere. But start to rock your world with PRAYER!

The same as my Mom had to continue to shift gears from drive to reverse and back and forth until finally, without warning, we cannon-balled into the dead of night!




Same as it is with prayer. Pray fervently. Pray till something happens (James 5:16).

(The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.  James 5:16)


Even if you don’t see the result immediately, continue to press in. Press in further so that when you least expect it, you’ll sail away and God will Rock’n Roll you out of the rut you are STUCK in today!

STOP.. Five minutes is up~


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Time for another Five-Minute Friday…   As I read the prompt for this week, my heart screamed out “No. No. Not yet!”.

RELEASE, is the word  for the week, but not for this day. For this hour it’s not the word I wanted to hear.

My daughter and her family have been visiting for the past week from Michigan. What a blessing to, spend Easter with smiling faces, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnies. From hugs and hugs and more hugs, from the beginning to the end, and even then a few more in-between, how their free spirits continue to light up our world.

But today — this very day, I had to RELEASE them to their journey ahead — twenty hours of driving with a ten, eight and a three-year-old half groggy and asleep.

We all know how easy it is to say or sing the song, “Let it go… Let it go,” but oh so hard to do. The road, the traffic and yes with kids the antsyness and complaining that will rise up as they head homeward bound.

But as difficult as it may be, I need to tell myself and believe as I  RELEASE them to God, that He is big enough to protect them every mile of the way.

Are you like me? Do you have something that is out of your control today? Do you wish that you too could be the one in the driver seat, but there’s just no way?

If so, I know it’s a difficult thing to do as your heart-strings are being stretched beyond human consumption, but come along with me, and let it go. Place it into the hands of the one who is big enough to carry it.  Then, when you finally  RELEASE it all to Him, rest in His peace that will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.


Continued blessings to you as you RELEASE your worries to Him 🙂


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 Today I’d like to congratulate Kate Motaung, the host of Five Minute Friday, on the RELEASE of her book, A Place To Land. It’s a beautiful memoir of her life and how the Lord has guided her step by step along. Why not check it out and order your copy today. … You won’t be sorry, once you pick it up, you can’t put it down!



Follow on with me as we remember this Holy Weekend of the yearWe recall the Last Supper of Our Lord:


The table was prepared.

Footsteps echoed up the narrow stairwell as the disciples followed  Jesus, their master, to the Upper Room.  “What could be so special about this evening?” they uttered softly.



  Dusk had fallen.  Each is seated and Jesus begins to  pray.  He blesses each one, even the one driven by greed.

  One who had been a friend and walked by His side.  One who would betray the Son of God with a kiss.

  The kiss of death that would send Our Lord and Savior to the cross.

  Jesus couldn’t stand it anymore. His heart was breaking.  It was time for the truth to be known.  As He washed the disciples feet, His words brought bewilderment  to eleven, conviction to one, “All of you are not clean,” He said…


 Then, just before breaking the bread He said,” One of you will betray me.”  He spoke no names, only truth.



  Then, while dipping the bread, He said,” It is whom I shall give the bread to when I have dipped it.” Now the betrayer knew.  No more secrets.  No more hiding. The time had come to execute the plan. “What you do, do quickly.”  The masters words were fitly spoken; The beginning of the end was at hand.


Yes, the beginning of this Holy Weekend begins today. Have you taken time to be with Jesus? Have you slowed down to take time and remember what He’s done for you? If not, there’s still time. Get alone and spend time with Him so that when Easter Sunday comes, you will rejoice with a joy that can only come from knowing and understanding the great price He paid for you, for me.


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Yep. It’s another week gone by and time for our Five-Minute Friday. Remember you can join in anytime.  Get your word, set your timer, then write till it beeps… why not just do it?

This week our word is ROUTINE… so, here goes…


Let’s start with a question. Is your quiet time with the Lord ROUTINE? Is it just a time to grab a cup of coffee, your Bible and one of your devotions and read for a few minutes? Or — is it a time you’ve set aside with a purpose to be with the Lord.

Granted like anything else, it can become ROUTINE, but if your heart is right, even during those times, you can still  receive a well- needed nugget for the day.

But to be real, when we intently set a time to meet with the Lord, and our honest desire is to draw closer to Him, it’s far from routine.


“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”  ~ Luke 5:16


We all know it’s impossible to build a relationship with someone if we do not spend time with them, right? Well, it’s the same with God. We can know of Him by what others say, or we can begin to spend time with Him and allow an intimate relationship to grow.


You might be asking, “How do I do that? This is all so new to me?” Glad you asked! It’s easy. First, find a place to get away. A certain spot in your house, a favorite park, or even a quiet restaurant where you can close the world away, and it can become just you and Him.



Then begin with reading one passage from the Bible, or a devotion. After you read it, then sit in silence and take the time to listen as He explains to you what that word means and how it relates to your life today.

Then, do it again, and again, and again. Day after day, it will not become a routine, but His Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God, will begin to draw you to that secret place where you will meet with Him one on one. STOP.


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And, I’m adding this little extra as I found it on Kate Motaung’s Post . Kate is the host of the Five Minute Friday link up pages. And while your there on her page, I encourage you to check out her new book, A Place To Land, which I just finished reading! It is hard to put down. It’s a fabulous memoir of her life penned divinely to keep you hanging onto her every word as she longs for her place called “Home.”

This is the perfect Song from her post to top off the word this week!


Isn’t it amazing when a single word can instantaneously trigger a certain memory from our past?

Today’s word for Five Minute Friday is PROVIDE… when I hear the word provide, the first thing I think of is Philippians 4:19. “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.”  Every time I hear that verse, it takes me back to my early days with the Lord. Since I came to Him empty, body, soul, mind and spirit and even my bank account, He taught me to rely on Him for everything.

     Now, twenty-some years later, I’ve learned that we don’t only ask Him to provide monetary things, but every single thing we need.  He provides the very breath we breathe. The roof over our head to the soles of the shoes that protect our feet. And, he graciously provides for everything we need to further His kingdom.

Sometimes when we ask for things, our prayers are not answered the way we like, or the way we believed things should happen.  But, when we rely completely on the Lord, He will reveal to us in His time why that certain prayer was not answered in the way we would have liked.

Today, as we are in the midst of the Easter season, let us remember what Jesus did for us. Let us recall the most significant sacrifice that Jesus paid. He PROVIDED for a debt that we owe, and yet a debt we could never pay.

   So you ask, does He provide all our needs? Oh yes, from here in this life today and right on through eternity to spend forever with Him.




Songs are sung about it. Movies are written about it. And once a year, we even set aside a day to celebrate it.

But the real question is, “What’s love got to do with it? What does love have to do with a relationship and… what is a relationship without it?

If we look to Merriam Webster, we can see what he has to say:  Love is strong affection for another. Yes. That does begin to describe love, doesn’t it?  But, as he goes on, he has a few other things to say that seemed to  steer me in the direction of where I wanted to go —  a devotion, or admiration, unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

When I hear devotion, unselfish, concern for another, the verse from 1 Corinthians 13 comes to mind~

 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1  Cor: 4-7



There it is. Love straight from the Word of God.  How far I’ve fallen from being able to love as the Bible tells us to love. What about you? Where are you in this whole gamete of the word love?

Well, if you’re like me, and all of these attributes seem impossible to fulfill, I have good news for you. There is someone who can love like no other.  Especially the verse that says,

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love 1 Cor 13:13



Our Heavenly Father. His name is love. Although we try in every way to be perfect and to display love to others as he does, we can only do it if we allow His love to flow in and through us.

So back to our question, what does love have to do with it, actually everything. You see, when we look at the whole picture, we can see because God is love and that without Him, we have nothing.


So where are you today? How do you see love and what does it mean to you? Why not share with others and let us know what love has to do with it for you! Just hit the like button and you’ll able to leave a comment for others to see.

Have a Special Valentine’s Day!


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Well, it’s Friday and time for another post for Five Minute Friday 

Today our word is PRIVILEGE

As I think of the word privilege, all that comes to my mind is what a privilege it is to be a Pen-4- The Lord. To be a pen to share His love. To share His Word. To share the goodness, the grace and the mercy of the God we serve.

Many times our past tries to remind us of the things we’ve done that were unpleasing to God, and to make us feel unworthy to be a spokesperson for Him. But when I think of the scripture:

For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
    so great is his love for those who fear him;
as far as the east is from the west,
    so far has he removed our transgressions from us.“Psalm 103 11-12 …

… I am overwhelmed with the unconditional love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us.

He is not a respecter of persons. I have heard that saying so many times, but you know what, it’s true. He is not a respecter of persons, and He will forgive you just as He has forgiven me. And once you are redeemed by Him and the precious blood of His Son, Jesus, you too will have the privilege to share His Story of love, of grace and of His goodness to anyone you meet.

But, it’s just like a good dessert. You’ve got to taste it for yourself to share with others just how good it really is. And, that is how the love of God is. Once you understand it, and you truly see just what Jesus has done for you, you will too be humbled as I was and ready to share it with the world; Again, what a PRIVILEGE to be a Pen-4-The Lord and share His Story with others.


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This dreadful virus must end!

I pray that you, or your family, are not affected by it. Sadly, my children and grandchildren have had their fair share along with many dear friends.

In prayer, I believe the Lord is saying that His Church, the Body of Christ, it is time for us to rise up and take our authority over it and to war against it. “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”Luke 10:19

For that reason, I feel the call to organize a week-long, and maybe longer, time of prayer. As I asked the Lord for a strategy how to accomplish this, we will have someone praying for the next entire week 24/7. We will begin on Monday, February 5th and pray each day and then we will end on Sunday, February 11th. I have asked certain prayer partners to take an entire day. Within that day, they will ask for 24 volunteers to take one hour and pray, to cast out, and to claim authority over this terrible epidemic that has already taken the lives of forty innocent children.

We MUST rise up as the Body of Christ and take the authority given to us by Jesus and cast this out before it takes even ONE MORE LIFE!

Will you help? Will you be part of this prayer chain and just put one hour aside to pray and cast this flu epidemic under the feet of Jesus?

Please private message me if you are reading this on Facebook, or fill out the form below and I will e-mail you with the date and time to pray. P.S. please let me know what time of day you prefer.

I thank you ahead of time for joining in and for taking a stand to see this dreadful virus come to an end!

In His Name,



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