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So I had this thought. What was the FIRST NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS like? Then one day I thought, “I wonder what the LAST ONE would be like?”n

Well, this is what I came up with. What do you think? Maybe you’ll let me know which one is your favorite!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the stable

Not a creature was stirring nor was one was able

To know or to see or yet comprehend

What God in his mercy was preparing to send

Quiet lie the sheep, and oxen as well

How could they know what the prophets did tell?

Would here on this night somehow come true

How could they know what God was to do?

When what to their wondering eyes did appear

But a tired old donkey and a couple draw near

The husband proceeded in haste yet so mild

To comfort his wife who’d soon birth their first child

Then, “Joseph.” The maiden in a low voice did say,

“I know that our baby will be born here today.”

“Yes, Mary I know, your pain I can see.

Lie here on the bed of straw made for thee.”

Then supernaturally a light illuminated the place

And a child was birthed in this humble space

Oh, not in a castle of pillars and height

Not in a home lit with brilliant colored light

But here in a stable where animals will lay

God birthed here His Son Who’d wipe our sins away

So come and adore Him and give homage due

To Christ The Child Jesus, born this night for you!


And then the second one is quite different. When I wrote it, I just heard the Final Night Before Christmas...


Twas the night before Christma and all through the world. The spirit of peace was finally unfurled.

When suddenly a roar burst forth from the sky.

What was now happening! “Are we gonna die?

People sprang forth clear from their slumber.

To crashes of lightning and pounding of thunder.

From the east to the west all started to say.

“No, it was not me. It was not that way!”

For in many languages such words were now uttered.

People began weeping and some even shuttered.

My gosh, what was happening how was anyone to know?

There was no explanation of what God wanted to show.

See an inner convicting was now taking place.

As each living soul had met God face to face.

Though we can’t understand just how this could be.

Oh, how God was able to speak to each one of thee?

But you see to in His ways it’s not about us knowing.

It’s all about eternity and where we are going.

So today if our ways are not leading us above.

God’s giving us time to accept His pure love.

Take this Christmas time and ask Jesus to come in.

Turn from all evil and turn from all sin.

So, then when Jesus returns on that given day.

We  will be assured of what The Father God will say,

“Well done faithful servant, It’s Heaven for you.

Step into My presence, your journey is through!”

Now if these are the words that you long to hear.

Grab hold of the season and its meaning this year.

Remember that Christ Stand waiting at the door.

That with Him your new life will become so much more.

Let God be your master your LORD and your King.

Allow Him to rule over every single thing.

And, in closing may God bestow His peace over you.

As you do in your heart What He desires you to do.

       Del Sylver Bates ©

             Well, God bless you and be with you during this holy season! Have a great week… Catch up with you soon. And… don’t forget to leave your comments below and if you’d like to stay connected, click on the right and drop me your email.

Merry Christmas,


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