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Time for another FiveMinuteFriday. As usual, we start with a prompt word and write for five minutes. This week our word is TESTIMONY.

Seems to be an interesting word after the events of this past week. How Hurricane Dorian raised fear and hardship as he whirled along the coast. In the aftermath of this terrible storm, our hearts go out to all who have experienced loss and devastation, especially in the Bahamas. And, on another note, we praise God for the many testimonies of His grace, mercy, and protection.

I shared last week how early on Vero Beach, my winter residence, was in the predicted path of Dorian’s landfall. We were headed for trouble.

As we called out to God, we held two prayer calls a day, decreeing and declaring for Dorian to turn around and go back out to sea — I sit here one week later and know that God and only God can receive the glory as Dorian stayed clear off the coast of Florida while heading north.

It definitely was God who answered our prayers. What about you? Has God answered a particular prayer in your life? Are you bold enough to share your story with others, or are you afraid of what they’ll say or think?

A TESTIMONY of God’s goodness doesn’t need to be spoken from someone on a stage or in front of a large crowd. It doesn’t need to be proclaimed to an entire room of people — A TESTIMONY can be shared with one single person and do just as much good!

” And Jesus the Christ said; Return to your home and give witness to what God has done for you.” Luke 8:39

Think about my devotion last week, For My Glory. I shared with you about my husband’s cyst that disappeared. He could have just said to the doctor, “Yep, it’s gone.”

But– no! He spoke up. He said, “I think Jesus beat you to the punch!” He wanted the doctor to know that Jesus touched Him in a supernatural way. Even though we didn’t know what the doctor thought about Jon’s words, we prayed that he’d receive them in faith.

If you have a story to tell, a short TESTIMONY to share of God’s goodness, why not raise the roof for God and share it with others. And hey, why not take a minute and share it with fellow readers.

We all need a boost in our faith. Hearing a personal TESTIMONY increases our faith in such a way that no matter what we’re going through, it seems to take us up just a little bit higher.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. and If you’d like to join my community, I’d love for you to be a part.

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4 thoughts on “Fear or Faith

  1. Marty Fleming says:

    I had read on FB of a big healing ministry coming to central Florida. The next day I was at an Aglow, Int’l Lighthouse meeting in my area. We were in prayer and we all became aware of being in the Lord’s presence. President Susan Estanislao said she perceived the Lord had sent healing. We were to touch an area that we wanted God to heal. I immediately thought of the big organized meeting on FB where people would travel long distances to attend in hopes of a healing or such. I also recalled the Lord saying, “you don’t need to travel there, Marty, I will heal you where you are.” So, in faith, I touched my left previously broken ankle, now bone on bone, and truly believed it would be healed. That was a month ago. I have been doing things I couldn’t do before and my foot doesn’t ache. Praise & hallelujah!


    1. Del says:

      God is so good. You are right, like you, like Jon The Lord can heal us right where we are. Thanks so much for your comment and sharing your miracle with others!


  2. I don’t ask God to cure the cancer
    that’s shredding body, heart and soul;
    I did once, but got this answer:
    “Your story helps keep others whole.”
    Now, I don’t think I inspire,
    but other people say I do;
    God looked around, and who’d He hire?
    This laughing madcap bloke, that’s who.
    The cancer gig’s a serious matter,
    but I cannot keep my face real straight,
    thinking of the waiting laughter
    when I turn up at the Pearly Gates.
    Peter’s gonna take one look and nod;
    “Well, there goes the neighbourhood.”

    #1 at FMF this week.

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. Del says:

      Thanks for stopping by.. I always appreciate and love your poetic words.. always praying for you…


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